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Evaluation of Horizontal–Vertical Subsurface Hybrid Constructed Wetlands for Tertiary Treatment of Conventional Treatment Facilities Effluents in Developing Countries Spring 2016
Evaluation of the Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Recharge Using a Hybrid Method Spring 2016
Discussion of “Numerical Simulation of Flow over a Semicylinder Weir” by Mevlut Sami Akoz, Veysel Gumus, and Mehmet Salih Kirkgoz Spring 2015
Discussion of “Discharge Coefficient of Circular-Crested Weirs Based on a Combination of Flow around a Cylinder and Circulation” by Abdorreza Kabiri-Samani and Sara Bagheri Spring 2015
Flow characteristics of rectangular sharp-crested side weirs in the presence of guide vanes Spring 2015
Preparation, characterization and sodium sorption capability of rice husk carbonaceous adsorbents Spring 2015
Application of the Green–Ampt model for infiltration into layered soils Spring 2015
Characterization and Sodium Sorption Capacity of Biochar and Activated Carbon Prepared from Rice Husk Spring 2015
Flow Characteristics of a Sharp-Crested Side Sluice Gate Spring 2014
Nitrate Removal from Aqueous Solution Using Natural Zeolite-Supported Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles Spring 2014
Discharge coefficient of rectangular sharp-crested side weirs, Part I: Traditional weir equation Spring 2014
Removal of Calcium and Magnesium by Activated Carbons Produced from Agricultural Wastes Spring 2014
Discharge coefficient of rectangular sharp-crested side weirs. Part II: Domínguez's method Spring 2014
Control of Local Scour around Bridge Pier Groups Using Geotextile Armored soil Spring 2013
Application of convex streamline theory to circular-crested weir Spring 2013
Hydraulic characteristics of a new weir entitled of quarter-circular crested weir Spring 2013
Simultaneous Simulation of both Surface and Groundwater Resources Using System Dynamics Approach (Case Study: Taleghan Dam) Spring 2013
The effects of different inflow hydrograph shapes on furrow irrigation fertigation Spring 2012
Comparison of multilevel calibration and volume balance method for estimating furrow infiltration Spring 2012
A New Method for Estimating the Parameters of Kostikov and Modified Kostiakov Infiltration Equations Spring 2011
Estimating Soil Hydraulic Parameters by Using Green and Ampt Infiltration Equation Spring 2011
Nitrate removal using different carbon substrates in a laboratory model Spring 2011
Flow over rectangular sharp-crested weirs Spring 2010
Application of free vortex theory to estimating discharge coefficient for sharp-crested weirs Spring 2010
New Empirical Method for Prediction of Sediment Distribution in Reservoirs Spring 2010
Overflow characteristics of circular-crested weirs Spring 2010
Reduction of local scour around bridge pier groups using collars Spring 2010
Effects of Irrigation Water Salinity and Leaching Fraction on Yield and Evapotranspiration in Spring Wheat Spring 2009
Derivation of Reservoir s Area-Capacity Spring 2009
Species factor and evapotranspiration for an Ash (Fraxinus rotundifolia) and Cypress (Cupressus arizonica) in an arid region Spring 2009
Furrow infiltration and roughness prediction for different furrow inflow hydrographs using a zero-inertia model with a multilevel calibration approach Spring 2009
Application of potential flow to circular-crested weir Spring 2008
Application of a SWAT model for estimating runoff and sediment in two mountainous basins in central Iran Spring 2008
Effects of leaching on soil desalinization for wheat crop in an arid region Spring 2008
The effect of treated wastewater on soil chemical properties using subsurface and surface irrigation methods Spring 2007
Effects of Irrigation Water Salinity and Leaching on Soil Chemical Properties in an Arid Region Spring 2007
Salt Tolerance of Wheat According to Soil and Drainage Water Salinity Spring 2007
Flow resistance in a compound gravel-bed bend Spring 2006
Velocity distribution over cylindrical weirs Spring 2006
The Effect of the Geometry of Headrace Channel on Vortex and Discharge Coefficient Spring 2006
A Comparison of Asphaltic Concrete Core Dams and Asphaltic Lining Dams with Clay Core Dams Spring 2005
Conference Papers
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Transverse Mixing Coefficient on Dunes with Vegetation on a Channel Wall Spring 2013
Scenario analysis: the effects of inflow hydrograph shape on fertilizer losses Fall 2011
The effects of variable inflow hydrographs on water saving in furrow irrigation using zero-inertia model Spring 2010
The effects of variable inflow hydrographs on water saving in furrow irrigation using zero-inertia model Spring 2010
Estimation and prediction of Sediment loads in Zayandehrood River using Artificial Neural Networks Spring 2006
Local scour protection at bridge piers groups using collar, 31th IAHR Congress Spring 2005
A physically-based model for estimating osmotic potential of a clay soil Summer 2005
Control and reduction of local scour at bridge pier groups using slot Summer 2003
Fully developed turbulent flow in a pipe with wall suction Spring 2002
Control and reduction of local scour at bridge piers by using slot Summer 2002
Evaluation of Distribution of Sediments as a Measure of Flood-Capacity Reduction in Some Iranian Reservoirs Summer 2002
Use of zeolite to control heavy metals in municipal wastewater applied for irrigation Summer 2001

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